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About HDS Consulting

Founder of HDS Consulting in Lehigh Valley PA

My name is Holly Deiaco-Smith.

I founded HDS Consulting inc. with a vision of providing my clients with the knowledge and tangible change that will help them achieve their goals.

From Frustration Comes Inspiration...

Before I started HDS Consulting, inc., I worked for several consulting firms, both large and small. I was tired of seeing less than successful consulting experiences at client sites, especially when clients are spending good money with good intentions and need the skills, experience, and fresh perspective of a consultant to help them make change happen.

Each client is unique. HDS Consulting inc. partners and teams with its clients to provide them with the results that are right for them.

HDS is Changing the Consulting Experience

Have you ever hired a consultant expecting big changes to happen and the results were a bit underwhelming? For a positive consulting experience that brings about change, engage HDS Consulting inc.

Inadequate consulting experiences can fall into many different categories:

The Total Letdown

You bring in a big name consultancy expecting big changes to happen, pay a lot of money, and ultimately receive few tangible results.

The Seagull

You hire a consultant who comes in, does some work, drops a big meaningless report in your lap, and flies away.

The Please Use My Project as a Training Ground for Your Consultants

You engage with a big name consultancy to make big changes happen and 90% of the consultants have less than 3 years total job experience.

The It Was Nice Knowing You

You hire a consultant to help you develop a strategy, the strategy contains abstract recommendations on how to actually get the work done to realize the strategy, and then the consultant leaves because after all, they are “strategists, not implementers.”

And oh so many more…