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Our eLearning Capabilities

Affordable, high impact eLearning

Is eLearning right for you?

  • You need to deliver the same training to a large audience (e.g., all employees)
  • You have a business or regulatory compliance requirement (e.g., sexual harassment, code of conduct, adverse events)
  • You have limited budget and can’t afford for people to travel to instructor-led training
  • The content is low to medium complexity and typically does not require demonstration of a particular skill
  • The content is fairly static
  • Your audience can typically learn it with minimal guidance

Why HDS?

With HDS, you don’t get a cookie cutter training, you get exactly what YOU need. Here are a few examples of some of the eLearning tools we customize for your specific needs.

Elearning animation for business

Situational Analysis

Role based navigation eLearning with HDS consulting

Role-Based Navigation

HDS Consulting eLearning Videos

Key Messages Videos

Boost your employee understanding with eLearning knowledge checks.

Interactive Activities & Knowledge Checks

HDS Consulting has a fast track methodology for developing eLearning.

We work closely with you to create the course right for you.