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Process Improvement

Changing ways of working for the better

What’s it all about?

How often do you think you have one problem, only to discover it ends up being an entirely different problem?

It all starts with process. How are you currently doing things? How should you be doing things in the future? When we speak with different persons at the same client site performing the same process, we’re always amazed at the different perspectives and lack of alignment on the process. That’s why aligning your teams on the “what and how” of your processes is so critical.

How do we do it?

HDS helps you create a common understanding and alignment on how your organization performs a particular activity. This will provide the springboard you need to begin solving problems and anticipating change.

We do this through:

  • Process Mapping & Reengineering – documenting your current state business processes and envisioning your future state processes
  • Root Cause Analysis – getting your teams to problem solve by first identifying what the problem is and using best practices to identify the root cause(s)
  • Six Sigma Process Improvement – helping your teams define a quality outcome and putting the processes in place to ensure you innovate through continuous improvement
  • Organizational Assessments & Program Reviews – helping your institutions and departments take a hard look at how they’re performing and what they need to do to improve their game
  • Capability Development – creating the infrastructure to support new ideas and visions for your organizations, improving your ability to achieve a desired outcome

Whether it’s lean Six Sigma, TQM, or just plain continuous improvement, HDS can help you utilize the methodologies and tools you need to identify and solve problems resulting in cost savings and increased efficiencies.

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