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Training Courses: Compliance

Compliance Training – even the words sound boring, but compliance training doesn’t have to be. HDS can help you ensure your employees know what is expected to be compliant with your policies and applicable regulations by providing interactive training that not only presents the “rules” needed to be compliant, but can also help your employees apply critical thinking to those situations that present a bit of a grey area.

Compliance combines laws, process, policy, rules, regulations and guidelines.

A few of our most popular compliance-related courses are:

Many leaders experience unique challenges when it comes to leading teams of union-represented employees. The key to success is knowing what your options are and making a good decision. This course will level-set participant’s understanding and knowledge of Unions and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and provide useful tips and techniques to drive the performance of their union represented employees.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions are really great when they are useful. Too often authors leave out the right details needed to make these documents user-friendly. And frankly, add in items that cause confusion and lead to misunderstandings and worse, non-compliance. This course presents a best practice for developing SOPs and Work Instructions starting with the critical technique of process mapping. Learners are taught the various components of each document and tips on how to write effective, user-friendly SOPs and Work Instructions. Participants will have an opportunity to bring a draft SOP and/or Work Instruction to the class and obtain feedback. This is a highly practical course with real-world tips from persons in the field who create, review, and audit these documents.

This half day course provides participants with:

  • Components of a Culture of Ethics and Compliance
  • Why this is important to the life sciences industry
  • What is an HCP
  • Types of interactions with Healthcare Professionals
  • The rules and expectations for each interaction

Throughout this training/eLearning, you will have an opportunity to apply what you learned to real world scenarios. Available in both Instructor-Led Training and eLearning.