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Training Courses: Leadership Development

Leadership Development – Leadership Development means many things to many different people. Regardless of the many definitions and categories, here’s what we at HDS are hearing consistently across our clients: We want leaders who:

  1. Have flexible skill sets
  2. Are able to easily adapt in times of change
  3. Are problem solvers
  4. Can think critically

HDS has designed a series of courses that support these 21st Century Leadership needs.

HDS Consulting - teaching leadership skils

A few of our most popular leadership developement-related courses are:

Leading teams effectively is challenging and requires a diverse set of skills. Becoming a Highly Effective Team Leader is a 2-day course packed with interactive role play and activities based on real-world scenarios designed to simulate common challenges of 21st century leaders. The course framework includes:

  • Great Planner
  • Great Communicator
  • Great Professional
  • Great Problem Solver
  • Great Team Leader

Today’s teams spend so much time in meetings, but is it time well-spent? In the Facilitative Leader, HDS provides a best practices approach to conducting meetings that are quick and contribute to progress towards goals. In this course learners will be able to:

  • Explain outcomes-based meeting planning
  • Describe the Open – Focus – Close model of facilitation
  • Utilize facilitation techniques to open, focus and close a discussion including:
    • Facilitative techniques such as employing ground rules, handling objections, and boomeranging
    • Techniques that encourage divergent thinking, contributing ideas, and prioritization
    • Being a Neutral Facilitator vs. Participative Facilitator
    • Handling disruptive participants
    • What to document, what to discard
    • Tips and Tricks for Attendee Engagement
    • Follow up actions

This one-day course can be expanded to two days to include best practices on leading and maximizing the effectiveness of virtual or remote meetings.

For many organizations, having strong leaders is a differentiator. Given the multiple challenges and demands on leaders, it is critical each leader:

  • Communicates effectively
  • Leads from a place of accountability
  • Feels empowered to make great decisions and proactively solve problems
  • Acts in a way that demonstrates these values to their team

Leadership Begins with Me provides a personal journey into what accountability and empowerment mean and look like for the participant, providing clues to shifting mindsets and practical examples of how to demonstrate this shift through your own actions.

For the first time in history, five generations of workers are represented in the workforce. 18-year-old new hires can find themselves working side-by-side with colleagues with 50+ years of experience. This demographic shift creates a new challenge for all leaders. The Highly Effective Multi-Generational Team will enable learners to address these intergenerational dynamics and build high performing teams.

Twenty-first century leaders are problem solvers. But how do successful leaders get from point A: Identifying a problem exists to point B: The problem is solved? The answer is: Very carefully, especially when they don’t have authority over budget. This highly interactive, practical course presents participants with best practice methodologies and key tools and techniques to help them take a problem from root cause analysis, to creating a cost-benefit analysis, to crafting a compelling story in an effort to obtain funding. Participants will have the opportunity to work on their own work-related problem during several activities. Participants will leave with a partially completed business case for their solution as well as the benefit of hearing first-hand accounts of practical solutions from other participants.