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Training Courses: Sales

HDS helps Sales Teams with aspects of the sales process that go beyond your typical Sales and negotiation skills. One popular course, Contracts Lifecycle Process focuses on helping Sales teams better understand the various agreements needed to ensure their customers are getting the right agreement at the right time and ultimately reduce the often “sticky” or “messy” and certainly unwanted downstream effects. The Ripple Effect training course takes consultative selling to the next level and is customized for those organizations who sell complex services and solutions.

A few of our most popular sales-related courses are:

Contracts Lifecycle Basics is an overview of the different types of agreements an organization might enact with another organization and the pros and cons of each type of agreement. These agreements may include:

  • MSA
  • Exhibits
  • Letter of Intent
  • Service Agreements
  • Amendments
  • Change in Scope

The Ripple! Strategic Sales Thinking is a 2-day course packed with highly interactive, goal-based activities that are customized with scenarios designed to simulate your organization’s day-to-day challenges. In a creative environment that is conducive to learning, your sales force will learn how to:

  • IDENTIFY new sales opportunities by asking your customers critical questions
  • COLLABORATE with peers to learn from their experiences
  • EXPAND SALES by implementing consultative selling strategies
  • BUILD ACCOUNTS for this quarter, next quarter, and beyond

Accelerate your sales cycle by enabling your sales force to take consultative selling to the next level. The Ripple Effect! Strategic Sales Thinking will give your sales force an action plan they can begin the very next day!